ViewNet - For Windows XP - Windows 11

Single-Line Drawing Interface For Analysis Software
The ultimate productivity improvement tool for protection designers and managers coordinating over-current and ground fault protection devices. It is widely used by electricity utilities, consultants, the mining industry and other industries with internal electricity networks, universities and other training institutions.

• Single-Line Diagram Drawing Tool
• Drag & Drop Drawing
• Variety of Reports
• Import/export data
• Feeder Database
• Component Database
• Load Flow Analysis
• Fault Calculations

• PowSys32 – Load Flow Analysis
• RelCord32 – Fault Calculation and Protection Coordination

System Requirements
• IBM compatible computer with Windows XP/Vista or 7.0
• At least the minimum memory required by the operating system
• Approximately 16mb Hard disk space
• SVGA monitor
• Printer or plotter (Colour preferred)

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