Samwha Capacitors

** We generally supply these capacitors as part of larger orders. **

These capacitors are designed for power factor correction and harmonics filtration in power networks.
They are all-film dielectric and impregnated with an environmentally friendly, Non-PCB biodegradable insulating oil.
In addition each capacitor is provided with an internal discharge resistor.
All SAMWHA capacitors comply with most national and international capacitor standards.

Capacitor Loss
(Under Stabilized Condition) 0.2W/kvar or Less with Internal fuse
0.15W/kvar or Less without Internal fuse
Ambient Temperature -40° / A (+40°), B (+45°), C (+50°), D (+55°)
Max overvoltage Umax UN + 10% (up to 8 hours daily)
UN + 15% (up to 30 minutes daily)
UN + 20% (up to 5 minutes)
UN + 30% (up to 1 minute)
Max overcurrent IS 1.3 × IN
Painting Color Munsell No. 5Y 7/1
Reference Standard IEC 60871

Capacitor benefits
- Improve Power Factor
- Reduce Line Losses
- Decrease Voltage Drop

Through that it helps greater Energy Efficiency
- Power Range Single Phase 25kvar to 1000kvar

Three Phase 50kvar to 500kvar
- Voltage Range Single Phase 1000V to 22000V

Three Phase 1000V to 11000V
- Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
- Applicable Standards IEC, ANSI / IEEE, NEMA

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