Pole Top Power Quality

This unit is based on the installation of pole top capacitors only, with surge arresters and bird caps.

Utilities use these in conjunction with drop-out fuses or ABS units which are also available from us.

These are normally used in distribution networks for Voltage Boosting where required.

A capacitor bank with single phase Capacitors with bank size of 750kVAr i.e. 3 x 250kVAr capacitors is quite popular to be installed, however any size is available...

Several of these units are installed on continuous bases in North Powers network at Whangarei.

Capacitor switches can be added for automated switching.
Single phase switches can make use of Zero Voltage Close control which will limit/remove any transients. These switches need to be ordered as such as it is not upgradable to ZVC Control afterwards.
The switches are controlled by either pushbutton, Scada, power factor controller or whatever method is required for the method of switching.

JOSLYN Versavac Switches are used for pole top Capacitor switching. Versavac switches are a direct replacement for oil switches, designed to eliminate costly maintenance and hazards.

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