High Voltage Switchgear
Disconnectors / Earthing Switches / Switchers
15 - 800kV      630 - 4000A


Maximum voltage ratings 15.5kV through to 245kV
Continuous current ratings 1200A, 1600A or 2000A
Fault interrupting rating 20 kA
Interrupting time 5 cycles for 15.5 - 170 kV
6 cycles at 245kV
Fault Closing Rating 40kA 5 times
Rated Number or Full Fault Operations 20-20kA faults

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CapSwitcher features

  •  Lower cost and greater reliability than other available devices
  •  Limits voltage transients to less than 20%
  •  Reduces current transients by 90%
  •  Single gap puffer SF6 interrupters designed specifically for capacitor switching
  •  Spring open-spring close mechanism
  • 10000 operations edurance life
  •  Available without closing resistor if transient suppression is not required
  •  Compact design can fit in small substation space
  •  Designed and tested for restrike-free performance
  • Simple, quick, easy installation
The CapSwitcher can be applied to :
 36kV to 170 kV
 Grounded or ungrounded banks
 Single capacitor bank
 Back-to-back capacitor banks
Total Quality management through 3 key processes

• Design / R & D / Organization
  6% of our annual turnover
  ISO 9001 Certification
  ISO 14000 Certification
  OHSAS 18001 in progress

• Purchasing, manufacturing, assembling
  Continuous quality controls and process improvement

• Factory and routine tests, commissioning
  IEC and ANSI standards compliance
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Non-Contact Non-Saturating Current Transformer
   • Measures phase currents in Real Time
• Electrical cabinet mounted, wired, and shipped on CapSwitcher™ or CSV
• Works in numerous applications:
  - Capacitor Bank Protection
  - Reactor Protection
  - Transformer Protection
  - Bus Differential Protection
  - Immune to Cross Talk
  - Transmission/Distribution lines
  - SMART GRID Information point
  - Adds CTs for Protection Schemes to meet NERC requirements

• Immune to CT saturation
• Interfaces with digital protection relays or RTU's
• Mounts on new or existing equipment
• No foundations or structures required
• Eliminates the need for freestanding current transformers
• Enhances reliability through technologically differentiated current sensing
• Reduces installation costs substantially


Rated voltage (kV) 15.5 27 38 48.3 72.5 123 145 170 245 362/550
BIL (kV) 110 150 200 250 350 550 650 750 900 Call Factory
Range of continuous currents 35A to 8000A for substation applications
Range of fault currents .050 kA (50 Amps) to 80 kA
Ambient temperature range -40° to + 50° standard (-50° to + 50° optional)
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For load breaking, loop splitting, and line dropping
 +   The VSD = the unique combination of a SLOB Vertical
Break Disconnector with the Load and Line switchers
LLS-II-2000 and LLs-II-3150
At system voltages of 72.5kV through 245kV over an ambient teamperature range of -40° to +50°
Maximum Load Break current 3150A
Maximium Line charging current 300A
Maximium Loop break current 3150A
The VSD can do 2000 full load break operations

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