LVDrop for Windows

LVDROP Evaluates Effect of Load Diversity on Voltages and Currents in Low/ Medium voltage networks

System Requirements
• IBM compatible computer with Windows XP or later
• At least the minimum memory required by the operating system
• Approximately 16mb Hard disk space
• Printer or plotter (Colour preferred)

Use LVDROP for Residential housing estate design Industrial estate design Mixed residential/ commercial/ industrial estate design Optimizing cable sizes Investigating voltage complaints from customers Evaluating alternative distribution system designs and reviewing standard designs Checking work of consultants Electrical design education and training–tutorial,assignment or work group activities Load balance assessment and checks

Accurate – Uses a statistical approach which is more accurate than traditional methods Easy to use – Takes only minutes to learn. Up to date PC software techniques makes the software truly user friendly Flexible – automatically handles both radial and complex networks with loops and parallel sections. Point loads at connection nodes as well as the conventional loads distributed along feeder segments Individual Load power factors More load types within a given study Larger networks, there is no practical limit to the number of segments included in a study reads and analyses files created in earlier versions. Single and 3 Phase calculations Print Preview
   • New Print Function allows Preview before printing
   • Preview System Diagram with Legend
   • Conductor Lists Preview
   • Conductor Variable Lists Preview
   • Transformer Lists Preview
   • New Cost Summary – cost/meter of each segment
   • Results Summary Report Free-Form Diagramming Multiple Studies Open At Once Multiple Transformers XML System and Data File Format Implements both Energex standard design procedures and ACTEW-AGL’s multistatisical, risk-assessed design procedures Standard file format allows for interfacing to G.I.S. systems

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