Tavrida Rec25_Al_SSline Recloser

Triple-Single or Three-Phase Gang Operated
With Stainless Steel Mounting Kit (Compatible with SEL-651R and customized controls)

▪ 15kV and 27kV systems
▪ Up to 800A continuous rated current
▪ x6 voltage and x3/x6 current sensors built in
(Loop Scheme Ready)
▪ Magnetically actuated vacuum interrupters
▪ Tested to 30,000 CO operations at full load
▪ Maintenance free and light weight
▪ 5-year warranty

Tavrida Electric is a world-class manufacturer of
vacuum interrupters, magnetic actuators, circuit
breaker modules and automatic circuit reclosers.
The Rec Series module is a field proven, reliable
and flexible system that can be used as a switch,
circuit breaker, substation breaker, sectionalizer
or distribution recloser. There are over 55,000
outdoor switching modules installed worldwide
demonstrating unrivalled dependability in the most
extreme environments.
The Rec Series recloser is fully compatible with
several recloser controls including the SEL-651R.
The six (6) on-board voltage sensors allow the Rec
Series recloser to be installed in either a radial or
loop scheme configuration. Radial installations can
be quickly changed to a loop scheme configuration
by simply reprogramming the control

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