Tavrida Rec35_Smart5_HDG Recloser

Tavrida Rec25_Al_SSline Recloser (Compatible with SEL-651R)

▪ 1250A continuous rated current
▪ x6 voltage and x3 current sensors built in
▪ Fits perfect in normally open and sectionalizing
▪ Voltage sensors with 0.5% accuracy
▪ Magnetically actuated vacuum interrupters
▪ Tested to 20,000 CO operations at full load
▪ Maintenance free and light weight
▪ 5-year warranty

Tavrida Electric is a world-class manufacturer
of vacuum interrupters, magnetic actuators, circuit
breaker modules and automatic circuit
reclosers. The Rec35_Smart5_HDG series module
is a field proven, reliable and flexible system that
can be used as a switch, circuit breaker, substation
breaker, sectionalizer or distribution recloser.
The Rec35_Smart5_HDG series recloser is fully
compatible with the SEL-651R recloser control.
The six (6) on-board voltage sensors provide an
accuracy of 0.5% across a broad temerature range.
It allow the recloser to be installed in radial or
loop scheme configuration. Radial installations can
be quickly changed to a loop scheme configuration
by simply reprogramming the control.

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